It’s about time the client came first again!

Summit Pointe Builders is an emerging force in commercial construction, with projects signed or pending in an ever-growing number of States. This is because  we demonstrate hometown care and sincerity to all our clients, while holding ourselves to the highest professional standards

We believe that by upholding our values of Quality, Integrity, and Sincerity, as well as embracing our approach of building correctly and on time, our services will be referred to others.

We exemplify  our values every day by exercising organization, information automation, customer service, and core skills to thrive in the commercial arena.

To our clients we say, “Watch us grow!” To our competitors: “Watch us!”


“Well, we invite them to follow a different approach: If you build it (correctly, and on time) – they will refer.”

We prove this every day exercising the organization, information automation, customer service and core skills to thrive in the commercial arena (especially against the lackluster, technologically impaired, entrenched and way too-comfortable players who dominate the industry by momentum, even coasting on their reputations while feasting on ‘arrangements’ or government deals in these economic times.) Summit Pointe Builders will soon be launching an introduction to our soon-to-be new clients on a national level- the ‘corporate polish’ to our glowing reputation; namely nationwide presence and industry recognition.

And we haven’t even launched public advertising yet!

If we told you the amount of work calling US every day you would call us crazy – but it is 100% true. We are a highly regarded and expanding firm which, through the soon-to-be released internet and media advertising, will expand our ‘presence’, marketing, savvy publicity and solid project results, and will generate the buzz, recognition and contracts to become number one!

To our clients we say, “Watch us grow!” To our competitors: “Watch out!”